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Squire Karps 18'
Karps with an A&S entry
Karps "of the Shallow Salt"
Korriban Potluck and Tournaments

Fighter name: Karps

  • Karps is a Bel/Dag/Amt Crossgamer based out of So-Cal. He one day hopes to "GEtGUd" but he'll likely just continue to help better his local belegarth community by volunteering at events and teaching all the noobs the one or two tricks he knows.

Mundane name: Devon-Michael Wilson

Peerage: Squire to Sir Torix of Saracor , Apprentice Artificer to Master, Squire Sita

Fighting since: 2014

Realm: Andúril


Fighting style: Sword and Board

Offices held


•Steward 19’

Anduril (Sword at UCI)

•Field Master 19’

•Quarter Master 19’

Events Attended

Belegarth/ Dagohir

  • Spring Finale 15', 16', 17', 18’
  • Silica vale 15' 16'
  • Battle of sword coast 15'
  • Battle of Blackwater 16', 17’, 18’
  • War of Wrath 15', 16',17', 18’
  • Werewolf treasure hunt 14', 15', 16'
  • Fool’ Raid 15’


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