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This is Magpie at Springwar 09, happily sporting his new shield, which he made, and a sword gifted to him by Barley of Rhun.
  • Fighting Name: Magpie of Rhûn
  • Started Fighting: Sept. 2004
  • Realm: Once Rhûn, but has since moved to Valinor, in Dagorland.
  • Unit: None
  • Race: Human, though somewhat scrappy, and with tendencies which would render him comfortable as a goblin. But he's a vegetarian, and couldn't be eating no pinkies!

History: Back in the day, Magpie was up and coming in the world, wandering about trying to tell people stories and trying to write poetry that was not very good. One day in his wanderings he found some recruitment that was happening, an attempt to gain good fighters to join an army and defend what was important in the world (generally consisting of good friends, singing the songs from musicals, dying easily, and wearing green tabards). Seeing this as a new direction to take his life in, he joined up and fought, eventually attaining the rank of Skirmisher Guard +1 in Clan of the Hydra, serving loyally as a skirmisher, flanker, and water-fetcher.

As time went on and the army improved (adding such things as "not dying" and "actually defeating opponents" to the list of which things were important in the world), Magpie began to spread his attentions to other places. He became known for making weapons that no one wanted to borrow, but which he was adept with. He made Magpie's Shiny Stuff necklaces, and sold them to friends and enemies. He also wrote more poetry which was also not very good. And he began to make propaganda in various forms in order to convince more people to join the battle, whether on his side or not.

Magpie sometimes has long hair. He looked like this during his first year of fighting.

He also grew away from fighting for a time, as he had several small contracts in which he became a school-teacher-for-hire. This is why, when he is seen on the battlefield, he is often wearing a leather jacket of some decency, and dress shoes (when his poverty has not left him bare footed). He will also often carry some books around with him, in which he writes down things that matter to him or reads old boring words.

In latest chapter of the Saga of Magpie, he and his companion Mirka were torn from their homeland and placed into a strange territory where warriors would look at him confusedly when he mentioned the term "Belegrim." He fights on, and has now found that he is an elder in a fledgling realm -- a thing which confuses him, as he is not used to his whims having any regard from others. He is playfully excited about the concept though. His newest friend and realmmate is a warrior named Alakcrist, founder of Valinor. Perhaps he will find new stories in this strange land and return with them when he again visits his friends in the midwest.

Name Origin: In the eveningtime after his first major battle, Spring War of 2005, the fighter who was then named Silthen entered the Gladiator Pits. He was hired for only one dollar, out of pity, and made no money at all from the tournament. But, when the lights were out (save the moon) and the crowds had dispersed, he made his way back to the field. There, scavenging the ground, he was able to collect seventeen and a half dollars worth of gil from the grass.

Upon presenting these to and dispersing these among his clan and realmmates, he was given the name Magpie by his clanmate Chicken, due mostly to his attraction toward shiny coins. This has continued to prove a valid name as he has now created a small business venture called "Magpie's Shiny Stuff" which sells shiny necklaces at most events that he attends.

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