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The North Star Order is a band of mercenary fighters hailing from various places from all over the country. It was founded by Carden and Caladin in an attempt to create an outpost for potential fighters in Camp Pendleton. The group functions as an egalitarian democracy where no one has any more say in the group than the others. It previously served the realm of Andor, but as of 2016, relocated to found the realm of Blackfen. The unit hopes to serve as representation for southern Indiana, a typically under-served area.


April 23, 2014

The group was founded after some initial thought of roughly two weeks. The two founders talked with those who displayed interest and thus the unit was formed. It would be a place where people living in the area (Camp Pendleton) could come to learn, build and train together. The preliminary group was established with four members and a potential of several more.


June 15, 2016

After the departure of Caladin and Carden from Camp Pendleton, leadership was handed over to Carden, who relocated to southern Indiana. After a hiatus of three years, the unit was revitalized.

Contact Info

Carden Coburn - Captain and Lord Commander


Mobile: (760)792-7382


Colors: White, Sky Blue, Blue-Grey

Emblem: Simple 4-Point Star of Silver

Standard: (Preliminary Work-in-Progress)


Uniform Examples

Cross-Over Tabard: NorthStarOrderCOTabard.png

Standard Tabards: NorthStarOrderTabard.png

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