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Chirp reG Kreechrr

Fighting Name: Chyrp reG Kreechrr

Sir Cumvent of Knights of Wildwood

Mundane Name: Zane Baker

Started Fighting: January 21, 2018

Realm: Sunspear

Fighting Style: spear and off-hand blue, screeching at pinkys, flo, s&b

Unit: Horde - Awakened at Battle for the Ring XII

Houses: House Comrade

Race: Regular Goblyn

Interesting Facts:


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Events Attended:

  • Siege of Sunspear 2018
  • Holt Onto Your Butts 2018
  • Phoenix Rising 2018
  • Harvest Massacre 2018
  • War of Wrath 2018
  • Battle for the Ring 2019
  • Crash at Kord's Place the Curse of the Lost Snake 2019
  • Phoenix Rising 2019
  • Freesterdom Horde Moot the Curse of the Wiggly Earth 2019
  • Battle for the Ring XII
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