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Tiffany 1.jpg

Fighter name: Phoenix

Mundane Name: Tiffany

Race: Human (Formerly Syren)

Fighting since: July 2017

Titles: Mother of Gay Baby Jail

"Dame-gerous" of Knights of Wildwood

Hypothermic Hypatia of the Science Alliance

First Padawan of Jareth Cloudborne

Teal the Teal of the Blue Mages of the Council of Archmages

Personal Information: Phoenix is from somewhere in Norcalia, but reports on where exactly vary. A literal angel of god, she became the Warden of Gay Baby Jail during WoW 2017 to help contain some of the Gay Babies that plague the land. She does not hail from any particular realm, as none are worthy of her presence and she loves them all the same anyway. Any items that are Tiffany blue or another similar color probably belong to her. She has an elite guard comprised of loyal friends known as the Phoenix Force.

"Dude you gotta respect the hustle"-Phoenix 2k17

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