Washington University Medieval Combat Society

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Also referred to as WashU Belegarth or WashU BMCS, Washington University Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is the Belegarth collegiate realm for Washington University in St. Louis.


WashU Belegarth Realm Emblem | WashU Medieval Combat Society

Status: Active
Location: St. Louis, MO
Year Founded: 2005

Email (preferred): bmcs@su.wustl.edu
Facebook: Find us on Facebook here



  • Members: 20
  • Average number of members at practices: 8-15


  • 2005: Realm is founded by Oisín
  • October 2015: WU TV releases a video about the campus Belegarth club
  • October 2017: Delaware (Nathan Vaska) places third for New Sword and Board in the Belegarth College League at Oktoberfest
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