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Troll is the check-in point at an event. The term is both a pun (troll booth--toll booth) as well as a reference to the old story of the Troll living under the bridge collecting tolls.

These are the minimum tasks that take place at Troll:

  • 1. Pay your event fee.
  • 2. Receive your event token. This token serves as a receipt as well as being a quick identifier if you've paid. Some event organizers will require presenting the token to gain entry to feasts, tourneys, etc.
  • 3. Sign a waiver.
  • 4. Fill out a sign-in sheet.

Additional tasks:

  • 1. Receive an event schedule or handout.
  • 2. Tourney sign up.
  • 3. Parking pass issue. Event organizers may use a parking pass to quickly identify the owner of a car.
  • 4. Identify camping areas and where different realms/units are located.
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