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Santa Cruz, CA

Look, even their logo has a furry on it


  • Sundays during UCSC's academic school year, 1 PM to Dusk
  • Midweek whacks TBD, organized through Discord

Locations rotate; please check Discord for the most up-to-date information.



Absorbing the lands once held by Salamandastron, Furlaria, once known as Tolaria before the furries took over, sits atop the bluffs of Santa Cruz. Loosely associated with UC Santa Cruz, the realm was born out of a desire to bring foam fighting back to the campus. With perseverance and dedication on the part of UCSC alumni Zenith the realm has grown to become a recognizable group on campus and at national events. Unfortunately, Zenith perished during the hostile takeover of the anthros.

Status: Active
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Year Founded: 2018
Last Wiki Update: 01/15/2024

Current Leadership


The majority of the realm's communication is currently run through Discord.

Events Attended

War of Wrath: 2019, 2022
Spring Moot: 2020
Harvest Massacre: 2023
Battle for the Ring: 2022, 2023, 2024

Photo Gallery

Tolaria novasign.jpg Tolaria practice1.jpg Tolaria boogyandtheslug.jpg
Tolaria craftday1.jpg Tolaria practice4.jpg Tolaria event1.jpg
Tolaria practice6.jpg Tolaria practice5.jpg Tolaria craftday2.jpg

Realm Members

Name Unit Status Furryness
Sammy None Always Watching... Look, they pray to an anthro slug. If that doesn't say furry, idk what does
Zenith Wardens Executed Ded
Nova Wardens Active Literal Dog
Virens None Expatriate Unknown, May Be A Plant
Flowers None Executed Unknown, May Be A Plant
Shields None Active Scalie
Master Pip Blackwater Active Kobold
Moss None Inactive Unknown, May Be A Plant
Foxglove None Active Prolly
Guinevere None Active I Dunno
Daedalus None Inactive Unknown
Boogie None Inactive Unknown
Sloth None Inactive... for now... Unknown
Trogdor None Expatriate Claims not
Parakeet None Active Many
Lord of Sand (Sand) None Active Returned 2 Crab
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