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Strathclyde Lone Empire of the Great North


Alberta Belegarth

Strathclyde, also known as Alberta Belegarth, is a group of individuals endeavoring to spread Belegarth in the Province of Alberta Canada by, including but not limited to, planning and assisting in the planning and growth of realms, organizing events, providing training and resources.


Strathclyde has many realms in various states of activeness and hibernation. Strathclyde realms have traditionally been fairly small and have had difficulty getting on their feet, however, even when realms are inactive for long periods members in the aria are often still active in other realms and still attend regional events. Curent

Strathclyde also has good connections with other boffer and LARP groups in the provence such as Amtgard in Edmonton.


(Units) are not yet in active use in Strathclyde, possibly because Strathclyde has not yet reached a population of fighters to support them. There are however 2 unofficial units in Strathclyde, though they have never been officially represented on a field.


Strathclyde currently holds one annual event in the spring (usually in mid May) called (The Battle for Strathclyde) and one event in the fall called (Tournament of Strathclyde)

Back Story

After decades of chaos and division, not a nation remained, only a collection of people struggling to survive. In lands to the south, the true north is lost to memory, "the north? It doesn't exist." Out of the North rises a banner, Strathclyde, Lone Empire of the Great North, a symbol of hope to a forgotten people.

Units: Mercenaries of Strathclyde, Warlord Cartel

Realms: Arderyth, Calligarry, Dor-en-ur, Cochrane, Onoway, Norregar


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