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Race: Orc
God: Gruumsh
Fighting since: 1988
Weapons of Choice: Red sword, Bow, Florentine, Red Axe
Units:Da Orcs, Da Jhur Gah
Current Realm: Da Jhur Gah

Soong Toi' Wei was born in a large tribe of Orcs that dwelled in the heart of the southern swamps. His father was a tribal warrior and his tribes voice to the war chief of the great Tribe of the Severed Ear. When Toi' Wei was born he and his sister were taken to the War Chief Soong as gifts from the smaller tribe. This was in hopes to appease the Severed Ears unending rage. This did not please the War Chief and Toi' Wei's father was killed as he handed over his strongest brood to Soong. The Tribe that Toi' Wei was born in was slaughtered and the War Chief laughed out loud. "Young Orc" he billowed through his laughter. " You have no name yet, so I shall call you slave. Soong's Slave!" This is translated from Orcish and is Soong Toi' Wei in that black tounge. Slave of Soong. The daughter Soong had boiled and stuffed with cave fungi and served to his warriors as a fine desert.

Toi' Wei grew up at the side of Soong as his personal servant and bodyguard. He was taught the arts of war by Soong himself and was fought in the gladiatorial arenas called the Pit of Despair. It was there that he gained his skills as a warrior yet it was beside Soong that he discovered intellect. Soong's power as a warrior was only surpassed by his blazing and virulent mind. He was intelligent beyond any orc and most others beings that Toi Wei had known. He taught Toi' Wei the ways of the Warmonger, the strategies of warfare, the art of reading and of writing and the spiritual chants of his ancient fathers. He spoke to him of siege machines and of alchemy. He had the tribes best weapon smiths work him at the forge. Although he was but a slave in name, Toi' Wei was Soong's unknowing young prodigy. Toi' wei was in awe of Soong. His power over his fellow orc. His connection to the spirit realm. His prowess on the battlefield and his understanding of Toi' Wei's growing mind. Soon he was indistinguishable from Soong in gesture, voice and manner. When Soong was in his later years he was constantly being challenged by younger warriors for the position of War Chief. Toi' Wei loved to watch the old orc fight these upstarts knowing full well they would never win and that the fight would only wind up in the challengers death. A day came when Soong took Toi Wei aside and told him a secret. One that to Toi Wei, seemed awful and something he never imagined could happen. "Soong Toi' Wei" said Soong. "My time has come. No longer shall I lead the Severed Ear." Toi' Wei stared in alarm and shock. "I must leave now. I hear the call of the ancient spirits. I will go into the swamp and find them. They will tell me the next path I will take" "Besides" He laughed, dry and old. "I am tired of seeing my tribes fiercest warriors fall to my feet. They should be in battle with our enemies where they may stand a chance of victory!" "Now young Toi Wei, it is up to you. You may leave the tribe with all I have given you in mind and body, or you may stay and lead." Soong left that night and Toi Wei stayed. He led the Tribe of the Severed Ear for years across vast plains and through swamps and forest to old to remember.

Eventually he too heard the call of the spirits. He left the Severed Ear and went wondering. With him he took his Chot Vat'h and Quan, though the Wild Elf died in the travels. Along the way he found an old traveling companion Koobok Gna' and met Wa'SaD qa' a mountain orc Spirit Talker. Others he found as he went and they followed him. He entered into the lands outside Mordor with this force and there they stopped. Now he sits at the foot of sleeping dragons with the voice of Soong in his mind. The spirits brought him here and now a new tribe begins.

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