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A history of Wylders (Nintai)

Mazlolin and Keiichi started the unit after a LOT of alcohol, and even more kung fu movies, when Wylders started there were only five members, all of which were trained very well to work together, and take down larger groups.

After a few years Wylders started running into problems with the two factions within the unit. We had an Honorable, and a Dishonorable faction. Dekin leading the dishonorable side was often put in a situation where our honorable faction would have to warn the people we were fighting that he was running up behind them, therefore betraying his half of the unit, and we were faced with betraying both sides in every battle. Now we operate with only Honorable fighters, and are allied with Dekin. This alliance should prove to be a very good thing for both sides, mainly operating as the Samurai and Ninja did in feudal Japan. (in some stories)

Now as Nintai emerges in the realm Ithilien we are there to be an example to the realm enforcing the requirements to learn to Marshal on the field, build weapons, and obtain garb all building on the stability of the realm. We are here to help those in need and boost the realm in every way possible.

Daimyo (Leaders)

  • Bant
  • Isys


  • Ame
  • Shadow
  • Abia
  • Steven ... THINK OF A NAME ALREADY !

Rank 1. White Dragon

  • Omes

Rank 2. Yellow Dragon

Rank 3. Orange Dragon

Rank 4. Green Dragon

Rank 5. Purple Dragon

Rank 6. Black Dragon

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