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Morgan, The White Witch

Real Name: Môrgan

Combat Name: Môrgan Nerwen Shahrzad Lunaria Drakaheorte

God: Elohim/Eru/Shamash (different names for same god)

Race: Djinni/Half-Elf

Realm: Grond (formerly of Numenor; Khazad-Dum; Loderia; and Dunharrow)


Character Lore

Môrgan was born to an Elvish mother and a father who was half-human/half-jinni. She was given the father-name Môrgan, after The Morrígan and the mother-name Nerwen.

Her lore is styled off of the Eldar, Ljósálfar, Nymphs, Tuatha Dé Danann, and Aos Sí for her mother's heritage and Welsh language and culture for her father's heritage.

She speaks both the Common tongue and Hebrew fluently without accent. Her elvish is fluent, but simple (being isolated to only house-hold speech) and though her pronunciation is perfect, it lacks the nuance of social use (considered a 'half-elf' accent by full elves, that are familiar with the tell-tale signs of someone who learned Elvish in social isolation).

Môrgan was born in a village just outside of a city-state. One day, her father, a tanner went to the city to sell his goods. While there, a tornado struck the city, causing massive destruction. With the city trying to repair the damage, the surrounding villages were left open for attack. Môrgan's village was sacked by a rival city, and her mother and her fled. Thinking her father dead, and him thinking they were dead, Môrgan and her mother went back to her father's people, a Semetic tribe in the Unified Kingdom of Yisra'el and Yehudah. It was there Môrgan was approached by her grandmother, a jinniri (female Jinn) named Layla Al-Ghamida. Layla told her how after years of praying for a son, she came to Môrgan's grandfather, a butcher named Gid'on, and laid with him in his sleep as a succubus. When the boy child was born, she returned him to the door step of Gid'on and his wife, who happily welcomed the miracle child and raised him as their own. In return, Layla had waited until her son bore a daughter, so that she could teach this granddaughter the ways of the Jinn and spread her line across the sands.

As Môrgan practiced more and more magic, a change began in her. Her once sun-kissed skin lightened, first to the color of snow, then to the color of sky, while glowing blue lines appeared on her skin where her lifeforce flowed. Those who saw her began calling her the White Witch, and word of her power spread.

One day, after a devastating defeat, while gazing upon her ransacked fortress, she called upon all the power of her ancestors and razed the fortress to the ground. When she was done, her skin had permanently changed to the characteristic blue of a true Jinni. The transformation was complete and she could finally access the full potential of a planar being, but at the cost of any humanity she had.

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