Knights of Cthulhu

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Knights of Cthulhu


Grand Master: Ulderic (Wolfgar) Dallaire

Knights Scribe: Corey Erhart

Chancellor: Ian Erhart

Field Marshal: Dustin Veith

Sergeant-At-Arms: Shawna Bogart

Practice Info

We have practice 1 time a week on Sundays at 2PM at Central park in Aberdeen SD

During winter we fight on Sundays at 6pm at Matchbox Sports Recreation Center in Aberdeen SD

We are working on a web page, but we can be found on Facebook

Active Members

  • Ulderic (Wolfgar) Dallaire
  • Shawna Bogart
  • Bradley Woods
  • Dustin Veith
  • Christian Didier
  • Ian Erhart
  • Corey Erhart
  • Alex Grote

Honorary Members

  • Carl (Fireyapper) Douglas
  • Ken (Wolf)
  • Ron (Chromis Maximes) Machan
  • Daniel (German) Althoff
  • Will Douglas
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