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Located in Central Illinois (Bartonville, Galesburg, Pekin, Peoria, Wyoming)

Typical # at weekly practice: 25

Units that fight weekly:



Kavndaark is a realm in the Central Illinois area. The realm's members cover a wide range of age and skill set. Kavndaark willingly accepts new members to the realm, whether experienced or new to Belegarth, and is currently looking to increase the number of units fighting under the Kavndaark flag (new or existing units). New members are not required to come to practice in full garb and have their own weapons (someone will have something to spare), but it is encouraged that once membership is official, such assets are obtained.

Kavndaark currently holds three practices a week (Tuesday in Pekin, Wednesday in Peoria, and Thursday in Bartonville), as well as other similar events (Amtgard practices on Saturday in East Peoria). Each practice offers a variety of activities, such as one-on-one sparring, team-building exercises, and demonstrations from the realm's veterans. Kavndaark will also be the future host of inter-realm events (such as camping), intra-realm competitions, and other social events, such as weapon-building parties and barbecues.


See our schedule HERE for location, time, and contact information. Practices are held year-round, including both indoor and outdoor practices.


Check out the Kavndaark realm page HERE for contact information.

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