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Floating to the right side and with a caption:

Each color represents something, Our colors are red, green, blue and white.



A legendy squad of noobs that have realized their destiny at Ocktoberfest 2015. There the core founding members were badgered into creating a real unit, that they then realized needed work and knew to fully truly reach their goals of becoming a group that helps others in the sport, they must become a house, with that, they changed their name from Noob Squad, to House of Rooks.

Goals, Mission &

The hopes and dreams of House of Rooks is to help nurture those that wish to better themselves in the sport and world of Belegarth.

House of Rooks welcomes all that wish to join, whether you are new to the sport and want a allies that will help you to learn the sport or if you're a veteran that wants to give back and help out those that are new to the sport. House of Rooks is looking for you to join us and help keep the world of Belegarth strong and vibrant.

House of Rooks wants to make it's members better, so in order to do so, we must test ourselves. Whether it be combat, service or craftsmanship members look for ways to grow. So it is said that the House of Rooks holds trials for its members during events, to help gauge one's abilities, but also to accomplish goals that members set for themselves and grow in the sport.

Requirements to Join

In order to join, one must ask themselves three things:

  1. Do I want to get better at the sport and culture of Belegarth?
  2. Do I understand the basic rules and/or etiquette of the mythical world around me?
  3. Do I want to make a belt flag?

If you managed to answer all three of these questions (they're kinda easy), then you may want to become a part of House of Rooks.

If one has any questions about this house please seek any of the members listed.


"Graduated" Members

  • Chia Moss
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