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The Hellions are a rag-tag mercenary tribe, who welcome any warrior willing to fight below the Hellion Banner. No matter the skill of the individual Hellion, their power lies especially in their TEAMWORK. If you see a Hellion charging at your shield-wall, you can guarantee more Hellions are not far behind! Their main colors are Black and White.


The Hellions were created on July 20th, 2014, the day before Chaos Wars 18 by Coop & Melee Moses of God Squad (who now only act in an advisory role). The original six members were Nickel, Skoth, Epoch, Valantine, Ace, and Marrick. The Hellions were formed to unite the splintered tribes and warriors of Rath & Highlands of Chaos, and defend their people from the ruthless and corrupt rule of the Brotherhood of the Falcon. The Hellions have quickly evolved and are ever-expanding their army.

"First to the battlefield, last to leave."


There is a Hellion Figurehead and a Second elected by the Hellion Tribunal each fighting season. Every Hellion however is seen as equal. All members of the Hellion Unit have equal power to exercise their say in all matters if they choose to use this power. From a fighter that's been here from day one, to the new recruit who just picked up a sword. "Respect For All" is the central principle the Hellions follow. However a circle of the older members has emerged, that guide and nurture the newer fighters, as well as bring their own flare to the different Hellion sub-units. Other Hellions have flocked to these Leaders, and follow under their branches, To form a mighty TREE. If one branch is severed from the tree, another takes its place and Commands the battlefield. Just like any tree, The Hellion Unit is always growing in strength and numbers.



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