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The Gilead Militia - Forum


The mission and duty of the Gilead Militia is to guard and protect the citizens of the Realm of Gilead, to selflessly sacrifice for the greater good, and courageously meet an enemy in battle, foreign or domestic.


Our recruits consist of dedicated volunteers, offering their services as a warrior to serve a greater purpose and achieve more than they could on their own. The Militia offers its protection, favor, and status to all its recruits, and promises opportunities for honor and glory. No recruit is ever bound or compelled to service, but it reflects well upon the individual to be there for their comrades and fill the gap. We ask but do not require our newer recruits to focus on the use the sword and shield. A good shield wall is often a sign of formidable strength on the battlefield, and if kept mobile enough, can be very deadly. A variety of weapons, however, is a valuable asset every fighting force needs to be able to adapt to every situation.


All you need to join the Militia is a willingness to serve, and the tools to do so. Our weapon stores are limited, and we may not be able to provide equipment for every recruit. Do your best to secure your own, and we will offer what we can.

Duties of the Recruit

As a recruit you will be expected to:

- Fight alongside your brothers whenever the Militia is assembled for battle

- Practice and be able to use a sword and shield in addition to your choice weapon

- Attend training when possible

- Assist all other recruits in mundane tasks outside of battle

Hierarchy (Used to measure seniority and function, not necessarily title)

Captain of the Militia – General commander of the Gilead Militia
First Officer – 2nd in command, 1st advisor to Captain, assigns duties to Officers
Sergeant – Trains new recruits, checks weapons/equipment

--Non-Combatant Officers--
Scribe – Treasurer, record keeper, Book of War reference
Chaplain – Creates and administers awards for recruits’ achievements, submits/carries out requests for promotion
Veteran Corporal – Rank of honor to any Corporal who has served for more than 16 weeks. May be promoted to an officer position at 
the discretion of the Captain.
Corporal – Any recruit with 10 weeks fighting experience and approval from an officer. A Corporal may freely use a choice 
weapon anytime the Militia goes to battle.
Linesman – Any recruit who has had 4 weeks fighting experience. A Linesman should begin training with the Sergeant in their 
choice weapon.	
Trainee – Any new recruit with no experience
--Additional Roles Within the Militia--
Standard Bearer – Recruit who carries the Militia’s banner into battle
Herald – Makes announcements for the Militia, heralds during battle
Foamsmith – Master of the trade and technique of constructing weaponry
Wagoneer – Transports recruits from point A to point B. Often works with the Scribe to obtain funds for fuel.


A recruit may be promoted in rank once they have fulfilled the requirements set to achieve that rank. Ultimately it is the Captain’s decision on who gets promoted when, but most non-officer promotions are automatic.

Any recruit who has never before fought in battle joins the Militia as a Trainee. They will be taught in the use of sword and shield before being allowed to use any other weapon or weapon combination with the Militia. Outside training is perfectly acceptable with caution.

After up to four weeks of basic training, a Trainee becomes a Linesman. Linesmen make up the backbone of the Militia and are the core of its strength. A cohesive shield wall makes for a devastating line of death against an uncoordinated enemy. Linesmen are depended upon to make this possible.

Once a Linesman has served up to ten weeks he may be eligible for promotion to Corporal. It is usually the duty of the Chaplain or Sergeant to submit a request for promotion to the Captain for approval. The main privilege for Corporals is being allowed to wield their choice weapon in battle. They make up the specialized battalions within the Militia.

A senior member of the Militia will be granted the promotion to Veteran Corporal after a service of up to sixteen weeks. A Veteran Corporal is often the first among the recruits to be selected for positions an as Officer or even a stand-in for off-duty Officers.

The Captain of the Militia will appoint whom he prefers to be Officers. Officers fill specialized roles within the Militia in and out of combat. Some Officers may do the job of others if there are not enough qualifying personnel available. For example, a Sergeant might also do the duty of the Chaplain and Standard Bearer while the First Officer may also act as a Scribe and Herald. The First Officer will ask for volunteers to add the empty offices to their own before assigning them at his own discretion. He reserves the right to redistribute these offices at will. The Captain, of course, may override any of these decisions with a suitable alternative.

The First Officer, in addition to managing the assignment of duties to other Officers, is second in command to the Captain. He is also the Captain’s advisor in all decisions, in and out of combat.

The Sergeant is typically a Veteran Corporal whose duty is to train new recruits and run checks on weapons and equipment. A Sergeant should know the rules and standards for all weapons and has the authority to declare a weapon safe or unsafe for use. As necessity arises, more than one Sergeant may be appointed. In chronological order according to when they were promoted, each Sergeant will then go by First, Second, Third, and so on.

The Scribe is the authority on all official business of the Militia including record keeping, Book of War referencing, and treasury maintenance. The Scribe often doubles as a Herald or Chaplain as these also are positions involved with official proceedings.

Chaplains are in charge of introducing new recruits, rewarding good deeds done for the Militia, and submitting requests for promotion and carrying out the award ceremonies. Chaplains often double as Scribes or even Sergeants, and may act as a spokesperson or diplomat for the Militia.

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