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A family Photo taken at BFTR in 2014


2003: Nashova, Siren, Dash and Spawn formed the Forsaken.
(---) Things occurred (this part in progress)
2013: Annual Gathering moved to BftR.


The Forsaken are a foam fighting cross-game group of mercenaries dedicated to the improvement of themselves and others. We are also a family of fighters hailing from all over. Most Forsaken are concentrated in Utah and California but we have spread throughout various other states as well. Each member is expected to be adaptable in the face of adversity, and improve themselves and act with initiative with or without the support of others.

Membership is separated between new members, Initiates, who wear red with black trim; Members who have "earned the colors" who wear black with red trim; Forsaken who have earned the right to wear the symbol; and the council of thirteen, the leaders of the Forsaken

The Forsaken annually gather at events all over the west but are most concentrated at the family meetings at Battle for the Ring

If you would like to hire Forsaken to fight for you, or handle business please consult with a member of the Council of 13.

A Forsaken Banner


Council of 13 Full Members Redeemed Colored Members Initiates Prospects
Nash Serge Dourn Merkin Prysm Ember
Reverend Tsume Trinity -- Vek Crixus
Bacchus Fideal Arrow -- Smithy --
Siren Durzo Vansen -- Nutshot --
Aizen Griff Dash -- Scorch --
Fhirrin Ogur Wyrlock -- Kalevra --
Horati Lief Malark -- Talentless --
Galadriel Wash Agard -- Tanis --
-- -- -- -- Ashii --
-- -- -- -- Vulcan --
-- -- -- -- Valen --
-- -- -- -- Kib --
-- -- -- -- Blitz --
-- -- -- -- Drakekin --
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