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Church of Balsac

Church of Balsac sometimes refered to as Droxland is a small group of Rausumeans who worship Lord Balsac when role playing. Many of the concepts of the church are derived from the band GWAR.


The Church of Balsac believes that Lord Balsac was created by the force of creation (Gy) to protect the people of Rausumea from the force of destruction (Yg). According to lore Balsac appeared to the people of Rausumea at a very dark time and helped them defend themselves against an attack from the elves that inhabited a land to there north east called Greywoods. The religouse orders of the Church believe they derive magical healing and resurections powers from their god.


At night time with doing religouse activities the members of the Church of Balsac wear black robes with flames. Each member of the Church wears a different color of flames.


Anyone can be a member of the Church of Balsac but the priesthood and monkhood of the religion in pretty much closed group that is very selective, if you ask the answer will be "No" so if you want to join hang out and chill with the group and maybe in 20 years you will be able to become a Priest. The summoning and incantations for Lord Balsac and Lord Beefcake of the church are kept secret amoungst its members.


  • Goodi - Shub - Red flames
  • Priestes - Ashling - Silver flames
  • Priest [former:Elder] - Madog - Black flames



The Church of Balsac has been around since 1998 in some form or another. Originaly founded by Shub and Madog at Ragnarok XIII, it soon became very popular in the Household of Rausumea and is to this day considered the official fake religion of the Realm. Over the years many people have been invited to join on a participation level in the church's activities.


The official symbole of the Church is called a Balsac gliff and can often be found drawn on just about anything, although the priesthood and the monkhood have a small quarell on the official drawing of the gliff it can be denoted as 2 huge jaws with hair and horns.

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