Chimera Pendragon

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Fighter Information

Sir Chimera Pendragon. Photo by Angel of DurD

Name:Sir Chimera Pwndragon
Actual Name: Matt
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Race: Human
Realm: Muxlovia
Unit: Elite Bloodfalcons
Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: 2003

Other Information

  • Joined Clan of the Hydra in 2008
  • Started Squriing to Sir Borric of Numenor in 2008
  • Knighted in 2012
  • Picked up as ABF in 2012
  • Passed First EBF Test in 2013
Sir Chimera Pendragon in his Knights Colours. Photo by Elsea Photography


Sir Chimera Pendragon with his son, Lord Ivan Pendragon and shield in honor of his daughter, Lady Lily Pendragon. Photo by his wife Krys.
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