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The Unit

The unit is a group of people that follow a particular code of conduct, fight together and share similar aesthetic. This is most often manifested in similar colored or styled garb, particular combat tactics, shared cultural experience in Belegarth and a desire to camp with each other during events.

Units are typically formed from close groups of fighters and are typically isolated to a single realm, although there are large units whose membership spans several realms these units are typically referred to as National Units

All units generally share the idea of a unit symbol. The unit symbol is a clear mark to show a person’s membership. The display or earning of unit symbols is varied and many units have strong traditions behind how the symbol is worn and by who. These traditions are not always public knowledge, so the best way to find out is to ask someone in person and even then there is no guarantee that someone will tell you.

Many units have specific ways in which you can join, some are invite only, some take anyone who asks, some are limited on purpose to only recruit from their realms. The best way to find out about a unit and how to join is to walk to those who are a part of that unit already. (If you are a little too shy for that you can always check their wiki page but there is no guarantee on detailed information)

Sometimes multiple units form together to make a generic faction.

National Unit

Some units span several realms in Belegarth these units may be classified as a National Unit.


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