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Other Titles:Beowolf, BadWolf, Odin's Wolf, Driver of the Morva Mystery Party Bus

Race: Norseman

Realm: Esgaroth

Unit: Cerberus

Long ago, in the lands of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun, where the hot springs blow, a boy was born onto the warchief of a band of Viking raiders.

Born large and strong, with war cry from the womb, the wise women declared him to be destined for war. They warned that though he'd be a great warrior, he was bound to a beast, their spirits intermingling and giving him the blessed rage of Odin by birthright, but also pushing him from other humans who would see him as a monster.

For most of his life he was a fighter, fighting play wars with his yearmates, hunting with his father, and despite his infrequent outbursts of anger, he was accepted by the kindred.

Then came the summer of frosts. The year was unusually cold, even for the north, and as food was scarce many tribes and holdings sought to raid their neighbors to ensure their own survival.

As Beowulf practiced sword skills with his few friends, the horns of the watchers sounded, alerting everyone of the invaders coming. He ran with his dulled sword to the beach to see the enemy ships, but didn't realise they'd already landed.

He'd crested the top of the largest hill just as the raiders made their way up the other side. Confronted by two dozen grown men in light armor, his fight or flight instincts kicked in, and as one bonded to a beast, he could only fight.

To this day he only remembers charging down the hill, heedless to his safety screaming something that tore at his throat and sounded more animal than human, before the red mist took him.

When the warriors came to confront the raiders a short while later they found only him, covered in blood and surrounded by corpses.

Believing his beast would kill them too, they put him on a boat and cast him out to sea. It was many years and mishaps later that he landed on the beach of Esgaroth.

As the Driver of the Morva Mystery Party Bus, he transports many Morva troops to battle, ensuring a showing at any event he goes to.

Events attended: KGC 2015

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