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Lord Ballak Dion Digrogen

Former Leader of Midgard (a failed realm)

After many years in Khatovar.. I Ballak am here to PARTICIPATE ONLY!

if any leadership of anytype is thrust upon me.. i will do what needs to be done.. but i am not looking for or wanting any. I am quite happy being a defender of Khatovar and Love being a member of the Kulicks.

I have been to Rag 19 and Rag 23. i took some time off to grow my replacements when i do decide to retire. (Wife and I had 3 kids)

  1. 1 love of the game would be archery. I believe that on most days i am fairly a threat on the field. Not everyone will think so.. but those very few are the ones logged into my head as non targets.. after launching quiver after quiver at them and not even limbing them.. i let them go..

Peace all and GOOD HUNTING!!

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