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A Permanent Alliance between Latnemir and Babylon

Formed in: 2005
Founded by: Shino and Dyse

Latnemir.gif plus Babylon.jpg equals Bablemir.jpg

After facing each other in a tie breaking final battle at Chaos Wars 8, Latnemir and Babylon opted to create an alliance that crossed the borders of Idaho and Oregon. This alliance was a gateway for the friendship that the two realms share to this day. Members of this alliance began sharing camps together, traveling to events together, and competing with and fighting beside one another. The history of this loosely defined alliance is an ode to the joy of finding life-long friends in Belegarth.

Bablemir belt sashes we made and worn for several years.

Bablemir members on field at Chaos Wars 9
Troll sporting his Bablemir sash

The Camp

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