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Agate Bloom is a gemstone elemental. After eons of watching wars come and go on the surface, he finally decided to enter the realm of Stygia himself. His fascinations allowed his soul to inhabit the furnace of a blacksmith, turning his vessel of rock and ember crystalline. Soon he emerged in his humanoid form, his body itself much like one large, hollow, geode, glowing from the inside with his presence. The quartz interior reflects the mood of his spirit, but often stays within the spectrum of violet or teal hues.

Though his essence and physiology is androgynous, he will more easily refer to himself as a masculine entity. A beloved past-time of his is to mimic weapons he'd observed through the ages, fashioning them out of rocks and enormous quartz deposits. Fashioning them in ode and memory to his master smith's now ghost.

A doodle of Agate.

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