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Race: Ogre
Affiliations: Catalyst
Currently Residing: Babylon
Fighting Since: 2001
Weapons of Choice: Sword & Strap, Florentine

Bhakdar is a warrior and sage. Enduring the extinction of the rest of his tribe, Bhakdar became a forest dwelling aestetic. Cultivating his path as a mystic, he lives in simplicity and sharing the way of nature.

Following wars across the lands of Nan Belegorn, Tir Asleen, Chamonix, Wolfpack, Numenor, and surrounding shires, Bhakdar took up his weapons, wares, and battle knowledge and began traveling as a mercenary trainer.

Bhakdar's Academy became an integrated vision of teaching the next generation of foam fighting, assisting emerging realms, and working towards permanent settlements of warrior training grounds. Academy pursuits have included training with Dun Abhon, Ruhn, Beornve, Tir Na Nog, Babylon, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and numerous warriors ranging from novice to elite.

As a number of Bhakdar's quests took him on vast pilgrimages to the lands of Chaos, he began falling in love with the great West, as well as a fiesty young swan princess named Sipris. Eventually a sequence of hermitages resulted in laying new foundations in the empire of Babylon where he now resides.

Bhakdar's Academy still exists on a modest scale throughout Belegarth by distribution of training materia and teleportation to trainings and festivals in the plains. Additionally, he continues training with groups and producing arsenal gear for realms throughout the greater region of the Babylonian Empire. Beyond the boundaries of Belegarth, Bhakdar instructed at Amtgard's Sword Knight Boot Camp in 2009, 2010, and 2016. Favorite topics to teach include footwork, range control, and group tactics.

Dubbed Headhunter at the climax of the third Armageddon, Mekoot Bhakdar joined the elite guard of Izareth's monster hordes. Now Bhakdar maintains a sense of kinship with the Horde as well as House Hellhammer with whom he was previously aligned, however has begun a new energy in foam fighting known as Catalyst.

Catalyst is a Western Belegarth unit focused on being agents of change and creative stewardship in foam fighting. They share a common mission of excelling and diversifying their own skills, training future generations of leaders, and contributing their creative crafts and talents to Belegarth. Emerging from Western Wars 2010, Catalyst built a competitive foundation by winning the Chaos Banner of 2012 and gained admiration for their teamwork in winning Bel Bowl teams 2012-2013. Catalysts live throughout the West, while members and allies have particularly impacted the realms of Pyke, Babylon, and TirNaNog.

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