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Pirates of Purgatory

One of the Independence, Missouri chapter of Boffer is Pirates of Purgatory and was founded in August of 2014. Through all kinds of weather we fight and are very energetic group. Each has there own unique take on battle and we work together to form the Purgatory unit.

Pirates of Purgatory is set in a graveyard setting in the land of Grimmwood and on the River Styx. We have a rich background and being that "poppy" is one of the seven sins,Lady Greed,and there is always trouble to be found around every corner. We fight hard and play harder, and hope to see you out there with us kicking arse and taking names!

We know not all people are into he Roleplay aspect of the sport, and to each there own we do welcome all fighters, but we do like to have the crazy D&D notions of fame in fantasy! Practices are never boring and though we are small we are a family who is looking to grow.

If there is any questions, or inquiries as to when and where we meet, please feel free to contact myself Captain (Poppy) on facebook or the First Mate, Caratacus, on his facebook ( information below)



Pirates of Purgatory :



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