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Welcome to the page of the Realm Dun'Vallahir! We're located in Dundee/Monroe Michigan.



Dun'Vallahir is made up of two units, Frost Guard (elite group) and The Dead Rabbits.

FrostGuard started out as a group of friends working to get into a LARP group. Eventually we could not find one suitable, so we invented our game KIRT; but that faded fast. One day one of us was looking on the internet and seen BELEGARTH.(Polska89) We were all like "Hmm what's that", then we started to study and look at the game type and finally said "Okay,sounds good", we pushed for it and today, as you see we ended up being accepted as a unit in Belegarth. The Dead Rabbits were formed around a year ago, but the members have been useing boffers to recreate warfare for a while now. We are proud to be what we are today! We will stand together and fight till death until one is standing; from Dun'Vallahir.


We are the unit FrostGuard. We fear No weather nor any pain.

The time before King Arthur and his Royal Army marched on the European lands. Before the "Great Conflict", the insurrection of the people. There were Ancient ones that watched over the land to keep the peace and order. The Ancient ones had a secret sect of defenders. These guards were made out of Earth, Wind and Ice. After the Ancient ones had needed them no more, they were cast to roam the world to fuel the balance of Good and Evil.

Out of the Earth and the cold; The members of the Swampen lands of Dun'Vallahir came to be. The Legion of the Frozen had come to settle in a place were once putrid and the desecrated walked. Eventually by the powers of the Guard the land was turned to a plain of bountiful growth and prosperity. The Guard then took root in the land; ever slowly again falling into a sleep of the dead.

But today The Ancient legion of the North has finally awoken after countless centuries of sleep, until now all was fine. But the land slowly turning into a dark void once more, but this time the powers of the evil and good are out of control! The Guard is slowly to awaken, but once armor and sword ready to flow, the balance will once again will be equalized.


ATM: Having problems, damned off season!

Located in Dundee, Michigan.

Founded: Dec 12, 2008

Total Members: 24

Attendance: 7-12 Units that fight weekly: FrostGuard, Dead Rabbits

Member names: Grid and others not stated

Realm Officers/Representatives: Barrs Goldenhammer and Karsh Eurynomous

Practices: Announced and called by the Officers pertaining at the moment. Summer- In front of High School or on Chris's property- Munson Park or Anywhere when seems convenient at the time. .

Winters- Screw being inside, Frost Guard fights in the Ice, Cold and Snow!


Website- Protectors of the North

Website- Agar Hisie

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