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The Blackfish Bay Jolly Roger.


Located off the western coast, Blackfish Bay was a large spot with plentiful oceanic resources. Due to it's plentiful aquatic life, Blackfish Bay is home to the seaside community of Port Rubacava. Blackfish Bay can be recognized by those at sea by the large rock structure just off shore known as Raven Rock. Raven Rock is actually a long dead volcano, formed over the course of eons. Legends say that thousands of years ago when Blackfish Bay was still home to villages and tribes the volcano erupted killing thousands instantly and leaving even more to slowly burn and suffocate. It's said that as this went on for weeks possibly even months, many ships passed by unable to save the helpless natives. In time these passing ships would return to Claim the land as their own. Once the molten rock cooled many congress of ravens began nesting above the now dead volcano, these ravens are rumored to be the very souls the volcano destroyed.

Centuries later, an armada of refugees flee their homeland in search of freedom across the seas. They came across Raven Rock, and settled on the land nearby naming this land, Rubacava. Though many attempts were made by pirates to pillage and destory this land their efforts were in vein. Local sailors from across the settlement faught to defend this land, led by Captain Herb Land and his wife Zelda of the Rum Runner. For well over 3 years they faught to protect thrit land, it is fortold their most skilled sailor Ed Hunt Captain of the Iron Fang, sent well over 50 ships to the briny depths. It is said that much of the Bay's floor is littered with the remains of over 200 ships, and in time the sea life would grow over the wreckage creating a colorful yet forboding cemetary of ships. Many years later the heroes of these tales would pass their legendary ships onto their Grandchildren, Jak Calavera and Bilgewater Bones. whom used these vessels as fishing and trade ships, until the Rum Runner was brought down with Jak onboad. Billy went off to look for Jak and it is believed he and his crew were lost at sea.

Soon after, naval ships began rolling into the bay. It had seemed that although these settlers cam to this land in search of freedom, their kingdom had finally found them. For about a decade, Naval Soldiers kept the Bay and it's surrounding settlements under strict rule. In time word of what happened would travel across the sea, until it caught the ears of a now Undead Jak Calavera and Bilgewater Bones. Jak and Billy had formed a guild of honroable Pirates and Sailors known as the Black Tempest Armada, setting forth a code of ethics for all pirates to follow in the ever expanding world. Jak and Billy would eventually use the Armada to fight off the Naval forces that had invaded their homeland.

In the modern era, Blackfish Bay is under the protection of the Black Tempest Armada and acts of violence or theft upon it's native inhabitants are an offence against the Pirata Codex, punishable by death. It's best known as being a central hub for piracy and a safe haven from the Naval forces just outside it's waters. Though views vary from town to town, many of these settlements welcome their visitors handsomely so long as they abide by their rules.

Although Port Rubacava is a relatively safe seaside port town it is known primarily for being haunted by a great number of varying beast of legend. Port Rubacava was the location of the first ever sighting of the dreaded "Blackfish" a large shark-like creature rumored to roam all the ports in the bay. Hunting primarily at night, the Blackfish was believed to devour drunken sailors unfortunate enough to fall into the water below their little port towns. While no reports have ever been confirmed as infallible proof there have been many strange and unexplained disappearances at night throughout the whole of the Bay area over the course of it's history, and the first sighting was so popularized among the area that officials decided to name the entire bay after the creature. While most Believe that the Blackfish is it's own entity some believe that the creature is actually the souls of those who have died in battle within the bay.

The Bay is also home to the haunted vessel known as "The Grey Ghost" captained by the undead Pirate Jak Calavera, although this is less legend so much as it is a terrifying sight to behold. It is unknown how Jak and Billy returned from the dead, but sightings of them within the bay are rare and should be met with extreme caution. Although they are relatively harmless within the Bay's limits as the Codex states, they are still pirates and monsterous ones at that.

Location: Estero Bay, CA

Founded: Summer 2012 by the Black Tempest Armada

Contact us: The Black Tempest Armada facebook group

this realm is open to Black Tempest Armada members, recruits, other pirates. feel free to contact us for more information.

Participating Adults will have to sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must bring a parent or guardian.

Participants must also agree to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner, and to play responsibly.

Raven Rock over looking The Bay.
Everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Attendees: 13

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