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Titles: Warrior of the Order of the Rose, Rider of Rohan

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board / Red weapon / Florentine / Archer / Polearm

Actual Name: Alex

Gender: Male

Realm: Thunder Guard

Unit: Order of the rose

Pet Peeves: Orcs, Uruk-hai and trolls(shudder)

Éothain has been a warrior of Thunder Guard since September 2007 on recommendations of his friends Amaranth and Artex

Back story: I was traveling with my Éored in the westfold, tracking a party of orcs and goblins. My men and I had cornered them near Isenguard, at the river to be precise. a battle ensued and I was surrounded by two goblins and and Uruk-hai, when a rift had opened in the ground my horse had thrown me in panic and I along with my three foes fell into the dark fissure, then everything went black. I had awoken in a cave to find my weapons and gear on a wall and two of the black blooded vermin were studded with as many arrows that I mistook them for giant hedgehogs, while the third had so many cuts that it resembled a carved side of beef. I gathered my gear and exited a cave to find my rescuers. The one wearing the chain mail hauberk stepped forward and spoke."I am Esalvapar, Warlord of the Carrion Crusade, and this is my friend Amaranth the Never Fading" I thanked them for ridding me of those foul beasts back at the cave then I introduced myself and asked " What land are we in?" "well Éothain" said Amaranth " welcome to Thunder Guard" Thus began my adventures in this strange new realm that has now become my home.

My first garb, a simple black tabbard

Garb 1.jpg

Me in my second garb, weilding my battle-axe Hakkenshank

Me in garb 2.jpg new garb coming

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