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<b>Mundane Name:</b> Jordon<br/>
<b>Mundane Name:</b> Jordon<br/>
<b>Fighting Since:</b> 2007<br/>
<b>Fighting Since:</b> [[2007]]<br/>
<b>Realm:</b> Bethel<br/>
<b>Race:</b> [[Kiwis]]<br/>
<b>Realm:</b> [[Bethel]]<br/>
<b>Unit:</b> Black Rose Order (BRO)<br/>
<b>Unit:</b> Black Rose Order (BRO)<br/>
<b>Weapon Choice:</b> Flail and Shield<br/>

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Mundane Name: Jordon
Fighting Since: 2007
Race: Kiwis
Realm: Bethel
Unit: Black Rose Order (BRO)
Weapon Choice: Flail and Shield

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