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Fighting Name: Waffle

Real Name: Nick Jolliff

Age: 21

Race: Human - Viking

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Min-Red, Glaive

Realm: Khador

Unit: Clan of the Hydra (Began petitioning at Bearblast 2011)

Titles: Kovnik of Khador, Supreme Kommandant of Khador

Fighting Since: June 2008

Events attended:

Rhun Closer 2008

Wolfpack Opener 2009

Armageddon VIII 2009

Dunharrow Kill Grill and Chill 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

Rhun Closer 2009

Wolfpack Opener 2010

Spring Wars 2010

Armageddon IX 2010

Oktoberfest 2010

Wolfpack Opener 2011

Spring Wars 2011

Armageddon X 2011

Bearblast 2011

Wafflebanner .jpg

I never actually intended to use Waffle as My fighting name, it is a nickname one of my non-belegarth friends gave me about 3 years before joining the sport and i was going to use a Nordic translation for it, which would have been Vaffel, however, most of my Realm mates in Khador decided Waffle just sounded better and so it stuck.

I joined the sport at the same exact time as my long time best friend Frozgaar and where one of us can be found at any given event or practice the other can't be more than a few feet away. As a fighter I have come to look up to and respect Kracken Brooder and Quarian all of which are from Khador as well as many other fighters. My Father is Geezer and he is the one responsible for introducing me to this sport.

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