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Name Neko A. Perdomo
Pronouns Female
Character Wafer
Realm Andor
Unit The First Order of the Sith (recruit)
Dominant Hand Left in swordplay
Right in throwing
Birthday November 1st, 1994
Started Foamfighting Autumn 2015
Current Main Mini Chopsticks



Names Wafer
Race Métamorphe
Gender Female
Personal Colors Beige & green
Home Andor
Equipment Sets Daggentine
Rockin' Red

Wafer is a roleplaying character played by Neko Perdomo. She is a métamorphe whose passive form is a light-skinned male human. Her cocoon color range is beige to black, affected by the Dark Mirror. Her personal colors are beige and green.


Wafer was born to a métamorphe mother who was part of the Strikespring Raiders, a nomadic human tribe that roams the Western Deserts. Wafer's mother shapeshifted Wafer into the form of a human male each night since Wafer's birth, as she feared that Wafer would start shapeshifting on her own, be discovered to be inhuman, and be excommunicated from the tribe.

In a community where children are raised communally and the absence of one or both biological parents is common, Wafer didn't think much of her lack of fatherly familiarity. She felt that her mother and tribe gave her enough attention and support, even that her mother was several parents' worth of coddling at times.

Leo Vemaan

Name Leo Najar
Gender Male
Fighter Name Vemaan
Realm Desert Wind
Unit The First Order of the Sith
Dominant Hand Right
Started Foamfighting
Main Set Bat and Board

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