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Unicorns are rare alright, but not for the reason you choose to believe.


Created, Not Born

Unicorns are not born, but created. Only a very accomplished wizard can create a unicorn using a very particular spell. The unicorn is bound to the wizard and can never reveal his name or else both cease to exist. However unicorns are Immortal so they can (and usually do) outlive their Wizards. Since they are immortal they do not worship any Gods since they're older than many of them.

Human Relations

Humans believe that unicorns are rare because unicorn glitter distract, confounds, and mesmerizes them. It puts them into a false state of euphoria long enough for the Unicorn to eat them. Humans claiming to have seen unicorns, are really those who have been spared by the Unicorn so that they may be eaten at a later date. Otherwise, we are largely uninterested in humans, or any kind of pinkie. If a human has a need of the Unicorn, they may attempt to offer a gift upon first introductions and make a request. If the Unicorn is appeased they will spare the human and grant the request, and will generally have a sense of loyalty to that human. The Unicorn does have the ability to pass as a human. Changing form so that the horn and ears are not visible. The way to detect a unicorn passing as a human is to locate the garnet stone at the very top of their forehead, usually at the base of their hairline.

Magical and Monster Interaction

Unicorns and Fae get along swimmingly because we are both devoted to Self Indulgence and f****** with others. Generally unicorns are non-combatant as they prefer Magic. Simply because it's quicker and easier. Yes the horn is used to stab but honestly only in rare situations. It's not common to sneak up on a unicorn or catch them off guard. Unicorns tend to avoid other monsters for their own safety.

Unicorn Facts

-Unicorns do not accept payment for request.

-They accept rare, unique, shiny, or coveted objects.

-Basically they want to know that you're paying heavily.

-Sugar is like heroin for unicorns, so we do also accept sugar and candy as payments.

-If you pay in sugar, you are an enabling dick.

-You might get eaten if you aren't careful, no promises.

-Interesting fact, this is actually where the pastel pink color associated with unicorns comes from.

-When younger unicorns consume humans, the iodine and sugar in their blood turns the unicorn's hide a very light pink period similar to the way that flamingos do.

-As the Unicorn grows older, their system adapt to the blood and for the most part older unicorns are white.

-They may sometimes have a light purple color from residual iodine.

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