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just a suggestion... (:
just a suggestion... (:
== Weight Lifting Straps Are What Used to be Missing From Previous Workout routines! ==
A chain is simplest as sturdy as its weakest link.    In the load coaching international, the weakest link is the grip.  It is a bit of shocking that something as simple as your grip can prohibit your luck in the gym.    Weight lifting straps are a perfect possibility for people who want to work prior their vulnerable link and move onto the most efficient exercises in their lives!
There are numerous weight lifting straps in the marketplace that claim to beef up your grip whilst within the gym.    Keep in mind, now not all weight lifting straps are created equal.    There have been two weight lifting straps launched to the market from Isolator Health which might be positive to lend a hand toughen your grip!    The two weight lifting straps that are available from Isolator Fitness are The Isolator, and The Cuff Edition.    The distinctive design of both of these products eliminates the use of the hand all through a exercise, and as a result increases the grip on the weight.
The first of the two Isolator Health <a href="">weight lifting straps</a> to be invented was The Isolator.    David Vollmer is the man in the back of Isolator Fitness.    After his hand was damaged, he discovered himself developing the primary prototype of what is now The Isolator.  Since he was an avid weight lifter, he had to develop one thing that will lend a hand him to continue his paintings within the gym.    Many prototypes later, and The Isolator used to be born.    Chest, back and shoulders are all worked spectacularly labored at the same time as the use of this weight lifting strap.   
The Cuff Edition was developed after The Isolator.    Vollmer was once having a look to create any other grip unfastened <a href="">weight lifting strap</a>.    This great product was once designed to focus on the biceps and triceps, and boy does it paintings!
In addition to The Isolator and The Cuff Edition permitting the grip to fully be removed from the workout, both of these weight lifting straps also allow for an especially remoted workout.    The number one muscles also are ready to acquire the most productive work out.  Due to the fantastic layout of those products, there's a lot much less probability of damage to the user.

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Galya! You go too far this time! The front page has not been changed (significantly) for half a decade! Are there no depths of ego that you will not sink to, not indulge in!?

~ Rasheab 14:58, 21 June 2011 (CDT)

P.S. Looks nice, btw.

I'll ask again, How many of you have problems with the new banner? - Madog

If we start to have a lot of vandalism... please Call Madog @ 330.321.6972.

It would be cool it the front page pictures maybe changed once in a while. There are plenty of other images that could be put up.

Possibly an image of an actual field battle from a recent event? - Shino

I think that there should be a more updated main page, with a random picture of the day, or maybe recent events, or even a poll or two!

just a suggestion... (:

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