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Steeden aka the artist formally known as Brooder (but I'll still answer to Brooder or butthead or whatever)

Mundane Name: Jacob Wingert

Steeden and his trusty sidekick, Logan!
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Unit: Sons of Sylas

Fighting styles:

This is the story of how Brooder became Steeden

A dapper looking group of nerds finally found themselves a table in a hustling and busy bar. Wishing nothing more than to warm up with drinks and a fire stove, while laughing themselves silly, little do they know the troubles that's about to come onto them. Whilst reminiscing about the time they ate all the food at a local buffet causing children to cry from going hungry (that part actually happened once, ask us about it), a man slams open the pub's front door. Not out of malice, but because he keeps underestimating his own amazing strength. Coming in from the cold walks a rugged, pugnacious looking man, with a long blond beard and pretty blue eyes. Walking in beside him is a creature that looks like a wolf/husky hybrid. They both walk over to the bar where the man sits down and promptly asks for the bar's finest, cheapest beer, preferably one that recently won a blue ribbon. He instantly downed the drink and asked for another. The man was clearly exhausted, and traveled alone, yet was wearing some very fancy green and white garb, although it did look roughed up and very used. Out of curiosity, the tallest and therefore the leader of the group yells "Yo! Who are you?" The vagabond, whilst finishing his fourth beer already, responded rather dismissively "doesn't matter". The leader is rather persistent so he says "I'm Arodhaar Windspeaker, but my friends call me Caleidah, this be my crew, and we want to welcome you to our pub! Next round's on me if you tell me your story." The mysterious man can't say no to free beer even if it's cheap hipster beer so he gets up and walks on over and flops onto the couch in front of the fire place, stretching his legs across the laps of two others. He says that he goes by the name Brooder, as that his is title back home. Brooder then explains that his trusty companion is named Logan and he is actually a war dog who serves to protect his owner, and even provides cuddles upon request! The dwarf of the group thought that Logan was a total cutie pie and so he pulled out a chunk of raw ham on a bone he kept in his coat pocket, why he kept raw ham in his pocket only makes sense to himself, (#dwarflogic) and gave it to the dog. Logan went nom nom nom. Brooder then told why he's on the move, it's because he was forced to flee his homeland. He originally comes from a land far, far up north in a nation state called Khador. He tells of how an evil woman named Sarah Palinov killed their beloved King and became their evil Queen, holding onto the throne using sex, deception, and murder, and the people didn't like it (except the sex part). So Brooder, being a noble with his own army, led an insurrection and tried to overthrow her. Unfortunately for Brooder, he lost, and was forced to flee and has been on the run since. Logan here ran after his owner and has kept by his side without any complaint. He's always a happy boy as long as he's with Brooder. The group was impressed by the man and fell in love with the dog so they invited them along on their quest to fuck shit up. Brooder nonchalantly says "okay." A ceremony took place and new clothing was presented to Brooder, and it was red and white colored fancy garb! And Brooder decided the finial transformation included getting a new name. He picked the name Steeden because it is both Bel acceptable and actually a pretty cool name. Tada! It's official now! Cutieface Brooder is no more, long live happy and handsome guy Steeden! During this whole time, Logan just kept gnawing on that bone. He sure made good friends with that dwarf that day.

More lore to come???

Where have I seen this dork?!

Wolfpack Opener 2007-2016

Spring Wars 2007-2014

Beltaine 2009

Melcaorme 2007, 2008, 2015

Geddon 2006, 2008-2016

Summer Wars 2008 and 2009

Chaos Wars 2013 and 2016

Equinox 2008

Okfest 2006-2015

And ALL the minis!


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