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The basic symbol to represent Sifu.

Sifu is a huge, six-armed Goblyn goddess, and she is cursed to stand at the edge of the underworld as a guardian to any mortal who try to enter. She was one of the five Great Goblyns, along with Reth, Skribbit, Neb, and Baulk. These five goblyns were the first born into the world and had strength that rivaled or even exceeded many gods. Sifu was the Queen of a mighty goblyn tribe in ancient times. She is famous for earning the unquestioning loyalty of the mighty goblyn Skribbit. During the Great War with the gods she sought out the goddess Pissran, mother of the goblyns, and took from that goddess control of the innate magic of this goblyns. In this way she became the first Witchdoktor. Sifu trained the first generation of witchdoktors for the final battle according to Reth's grand plan, but was cursed and lost to the goblyns before the final battle was launched.
There are two major variations on how she became cursed:

  • With the return of the great Witchdoktor Kazi, we now know that Sifu was cursed after defeating the guardian who stand in that place before her, in the time of the Great War. Sifu be trying to find Baulk, to slay him for his betrayal. But der must always be a guardian, an' so she grew in strength an' power, but cannot stray from her post. It is said that she can see Baulk sitting over top of the mouth of the River of Souls, gnawing away on Goblynkind, but she cannot reach him, an' so her anger remains unquenched.
  • Older lore says that she was once a Goblyn princess from ancient times. Even as a mortal, Sifu was formidable, defying and then soundly crushing many a ruler who foolishly attacked her domain. But under the threat of an enemy she could not defeat, Sifu beseeched the Gods to make her unkillable. They responded by gifting her with the weapons she bears now in the Underworld: the great Axe, Spear, sword, shield and dual scimitars. Sifu then annihilated her foes and became more fearsome than ever before. But not long after, the gods demanded repayment for their gifts, and thus sent her to the edge of the Underworld, where she continues to beat back wandering Goblyn souls for eternity.

Regardless of belief, Sifu is most often venerated by female Goblyns. It is well known that during her mortal life she bore no litters, thus defying goblyn culture's heavy emphasis on continual perpetuation of numbers. This, in combination with her untold strength and loose association with Death, makes Sifu the favorite diety of female warriors. They carry her symbol (see right) to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, and bearing any combination of Sifu's weapons is considered a tribute to her. Foolish, lesser monsters have attempted to master all six styles, but it is folly. Only the Goddess herself may carry them in combination. Skera Nipt is the most renowned tribe for venerating Sifu, and the superiority of female goblyns. They are the few who see Sifu's current state as a blessing, and believe she will be the one to strike Baulk down, and usher in the Age of Restoration.

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