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Unit Shukai, "The Gathering"

  • Realm: Dur-Dermarion
  • Established: May 31st,2018
  • Land Claimed: Dyerburg, TN

Weekly Practice:

Oakview Dr., Newbern TN 38059

4:30pm to Dark Under the Pavilion

The Six Founders

  • Ajax, Changeling of Rosang
  • Athyina, Changeling of Umbralis
  • Datenshial, the Mythril
  • Eule, Beastman
  • Esen, Harpy Descendant of Aelol
  • Reynard, Vulx Blood of Discordia

Leadership Team:

  • Aruta: Athyina and Esen
  • Kingu: Fenix
  • Gyokuzu: Datenshial
  • Shihai: Serenity and Fearna
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