Rend and dee Hag

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Rend looked around for carcass's staff trying to find something to fight with. The hag appeared tossing the staff to the ground. Rend crouched watching the Hag as he did and gripped the snakewood staff and he felt the power flow into his body, as it did so he grinned and shot off a bolt of majikal sky spark at the hag. She caught it in her hands and fed it to the locusts like a piece of flesh.
She Spoke still obscured by locusts "" "Do....know.......we are?" "" "we.......Clo.......God.....Gob..... of........"
Rend Glared back into the supposed "god's" eyes and defiantly said, "I don care wat you are I just know that you are the one pulling the strings in my life." "Goblins don't take kindly to bein controlled."
The Locusts cleared away from both of them as Rend walked up to the Hag full of rage "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT? HMM?" The Hag's face shifted from a goblin, locusts, and cat-like giving an obscured view. She spoke again "You." "I....Forgotten......through.....ages.... us...." ""
Rend's ears twitched at the mention of power. "wat kind of power?" Rend asked. "All......Rend...."

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