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'''Fledgling Realms that are just starting out''':<BR>
'''Fledgling Realms that are just starting out''':<BR>
[[Andúril]], [[Cronus]],[[Pelargir]]
[[Andúril]], [[Cronus]],[[Pelargir]], [[FightColumbus]]
'''Other Realms (not Belegarth)''':<BR>
'''Other Realms (not Belegarth)''':<BR>
[[Angaron]], [[Chamonix]], [[Pentwyvern]]
[[Angaron]], [[Chamonix]], [[Pentwyvern]]

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Belegarth is divided into realms by location:

Current Active Belegarth realms:
Dur-Demarion, Nan Belegorn, Babylon, Latnemir, Wolfpack of the High Plains, Dunharrow, Andor, Dun Abhon, Kingdom of Avalon, Shannara, Rath, Hyden Gahl, The Household of Rausumea, Au Tir, Rhûn, Numenor, Ebonhold, Ulfur Greni, Mordor, Tir Asleen, Etruria, Gate Reach, Muxlovia, Solasmahr Tir, Babylon, Slums of Shaolin, Ered Duath, Aquilonia, Kingdom of Knightfall, Khazad-Dûm, Thunder-Guard, Arnor, Amon-Sul, Forhirion - Land of the Northern Lords, Neldoreth, Highlands of Chaos - Koryan, Clan of the Kitsune, Loderia, Lands of Ameth, Tir na nÓg

Realms with Voting Rights on War Council:
Abaddon, Andor, Aquilonia, Arnor, Avalon, Babylon, Dun Abhon, Dunharrow, Dur-Demarion, Ebonhold, Ered Duath, Gwynedd, Highlands of Chaos, Khatovar, Nan Belegorn, Numenor, The Household of Rausumea, Rhûn, Southern Marches, Stygia, Tir Asleen, Wolfpack of the High Plains

Realms with Speaking Rights on War Council:
Au Tir, Khazad-Dum, Lands of Ameth, Middle Earth, Mordor, Muxlovia, Northlands, Shannara

Fledgling Realms that are just starting out:
Andúril, Cronus,Pelargir, FightColumbus

Other Realms (not Belegarth):
Angaron, Chamonix, Pentwyvern

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