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The Order of the High Code is a selective peerage order order dedicated to the promotion and continuation of chivalry and leadership in Western Belegarth. Started by Sir Andrek of Ered Duath, they can be found at events throughout the western states.


Full Members of the Order

-Sir Andrek of Ered Duath
-Sir Phira of the Mountain Mercenaries
-Sir Oroku Norinaga, The Errant of Stygia
-Sir Tethian of Stygia
Regalia: Knights, White macrame belt interwoven with green and blue, unadorned chain. Guild Masters, Brown baldric edged in green and blue displaying the guilds symbol. Other peers display their affiliation as appropriate.
A full member has all the rights and privileges as befits their station as well as a seat on the High Code Council. They are privileged leaders, volunteers, teachers and students working at all times to the betterment of the themselves, the order and the society.

Aspiring Members of the Order

-Squire Feora
-Squire Styxx
Regalia: Red macrame belt interwoven with green and blue, white tabard
Aspiring members of the order are expected to teach as well as learn. They have a solid understanding of all aspects of the society and are becoming well rounded in leadership and prowess in their respective field.

Initiate Members of the Order

-None at this time Regalia: Macrame belt green with blue, belt flag
A Initiate member has declared their intention to follow the path to peerage. This is the time for growth and pure learning as they observe those around them to become better members of the society on and off the field.

Prospective Members of the Order

-None at this time
Regalia: None
Members of the order may chose students who desire to learn the sport. These people are considering peerage and reflect the values of the order.

The High Code

Peers of the High Code recognize that their highest duty is to promote, support and lead their realms, units, houses, and communities. They seek to better themselves through service, and not just martial prowess, to grow the ranks of the High Code, and to be a valuable asset to the community. Peers of the High Code work, lead, and teach their hardest to grow themselves and others on and off the field.

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