Order of the Guilded Owl

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(The Order of the Gilded Owl)
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[[Peanut|Squire Peanut]]<br>
[[Peanut|Squire Peanut]]<br>
Squire [[Stitch]]<br>
Khadine [[Quickie]]<br>

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[edit] The Order of the Gilded Owl

A national recognition order founded to recognize those individuals who spend their time going above and beyond to teach new members of the sport.

[edit] Members

Lord Kayle
Sir Bo
Sir Cedric
Sir Par
Sir Wharghoul
Sir Rahvin
Sir Kyrian
Sir Peter the Quick
Sir Arczhidea
Sir Oroku Norinaga
Squire Peanut
Squire Stitch
Khadine Quickie

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