Oktoberfest 2019

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*Blooded - [[Abel]], [[Atman]], [[Ashera]], [[Bar'tok]], [[Braizen]], [[Chimney]], [[Coat]], [[Copper the Gnoll|Copper]], [[Cyrano]], [[Dalany]], [[Darvax]], [[Duddits]], [[Dundee]], [[Falkus]], [[Gadget]], [[Galya]], [[Gekko]], [[Ghanima]], [[Gretchen]], [[Gorlock]], [[Inanna]], [[Jesus]], [[Kazi]], [[Kodite]], [[Kraylose]], [[Lob'o]], [[Quinn]], [[Qutar]], [[Raxis]], [[Rowan]], [[Rugas]], [[Salamander]], [[Spike]], [[Squooshie]], [[Stilts]], [[Sven]], [[Sweet]], [[Tonberry]], [[Tova]], [[Trash]], [[Vader]], [[Vault]], [[Vengar]], [[Vo]], [[Vorago]]
*Blooded - [[Abel]], [[Atman]], [[Ashera]], [[Bar'tok]], [[Braizen]], [[Chimney]], [[Coat]], [[Copper the Gnoll|Copper]], [[Cyrano]], [[Dalany]], [[Darvax]], [[Duddits]], [[Dundee]], [[Falkus]], [[Gadget]], [[Galya]], [[Gekko]], [[Ghanima]], [[Gretchen]], [[Gorlock]], [[Inanna]], [[Jesus]], [[Kazi]], [[Kodite]], [[Kraylose]], [[Lobo|Lob'o]], [[Quinn]], [[Qutar]], [[Raxis]], [[Rowan]], [[Rugas]], [[Salamander]], [[Spike]], [[Squooshie]], [[Stilts]], [[Sven]], [[Sweet]], [[Tonberry]], [[Tova]], [[Trash]], [[Vader]], [[Vault]], [[Vengar]], [[Vo]], [[Vorago]]
*Ferals - [[Aelin]], [[Bellator]], [[Dashi]]
*Ferals - [[Aelin]], [[Bellator]], [[Dashi]]

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Hosted by: Numenor
When: October 2nd-6th, 2019
Location: Comlara County Park, Hudson, IL
Cost (at Troll):

  • Wednesday: $50
  • Thursday: $45
  • Friday: $45
  • Saturday: $35
  • $10 Discount with Pre-Registration

Total Attendance: 708


[edit] Coordinators

Autocrats: Sir Kegg (Gregg Larson)
Heads of Troll: Sir Orso and Squire Elwing (Bill and Michelle Mundo)
Head Weapon's Check: Sir Jikanta (Christina Woods)
Head Marshall: Thurs/Friday (TBA) - Saturday:Sam Wilson
Head of Friday Feast: Mistie Williams
Head of Saturday Feast: Chris Harmon
Event Hospitality Coordinator: TBA
Head of Tournaments: Sir Galin (Michael Williams)
Web design: Ben Miller
Security: Sire Hurin (Joe Sebright) and Sir Cyric (Matt O'Brien)
Nightlife: TBA

[edit] Feasts

Whether you are a Beauty or a Beast...Please! Be our guest! Visit the hospitality tent to enjoy some goodies, snacks, finger sammies, beverages, ambiance and each other’s company!

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Vegetarian BBQ Mushrooms
Vegetarian "meat"loaf
And a few sides

[edit] Nightlife

[edit] Events

[edit] Attendance

[edit] Horde

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