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Disbanded 2019

Oira Morin

In the Beginning....

...There was darkness....and darkness there still is. Nothing much has changed in these lands. There was a time before myth and legend when darkness was not feared; a time when man and monster, fey and demon lived side by side, hardly taking notice of one another. Though scholars on both sides will call these, dark ages, it was the truest time of light. A time to trust your neighbor even if her ears were pointy, or his skin was green. It was a time of chivalrous acts and noble knights, a time of festivals and dances, a time of burgeoning peace.....

But I digress....

The world changed though, somewhere in the middle of all this bliss, to become a haggard place of suffering and sorrow. Men began to tell stories and tall tales to their children in order to scare them into obedience. They filled their myths with tales of blood thirsty devils and fey that spirited away naughty children right out of their beds. The stories, became so elaborate that even grown men began to distrust those that were not like them...for it is only natural to fear what you cannot understand.

The fey and fierce took to tales with their kind as well. Their yarns were less frightening fairy tales and more loaded warnings. The realms of men were no longer friendly to fairy dust and toadstools. There was hate brewing and mistrust and war...the world plunged full force into enlightenment creating a new darkness...filled with ravenous creatures that lurked in the shadows and war machines that trampled all hope. It was no longer the darkness of moonlit skies and midsummer fires.

And yet...

Along the river in a land above the valley and mists of Avalon there was a quiet rebellion, unnoticed by most, creating a land wrapped in the darkness and accord of the old code. A place where half-breeds and humans still broke bread. A place where nobility still shined like a beacon in dusky light, and where the token evil wizard could quietly "miandor" through his thoughts in a lonely tower surrounded by blundering kobalds and meddlesome owls. A place were sacred groves remained as untouched links to a past long forgotten. A place where any who wish to honor the ways of days gone by or are seeking refuge from progress can get a warm meal and a soft bed with little question and no fear or distrust.

Give us your tired...your outcast...your minions good or evil....

In the eleven tongue it is voiced Oira Morin (Oy -ra More-in), roughly translated, the humans call it the realm of Eternal Darkness....

....We just call it home


Lady DaVina

And now for the mundane facts:

Oira Morin is a fledgling Ohio realm in Cuyahoga Falls along the river. Led by Chieftan Kaimelar Morikayun, "Kai", and Lady DaVina Darkspear.

Our practices are currently held Thursday afternoons in conjunction with The Kingdom of Shadowguard, another foam fighting group in the area. Practices start around 5pm at Linden Park located on Alemeda Ave, just off of Hudson drive in the falls. Occasional practices are still held certain Sunday afternoons at our old location of Preston Elementary School Park on Taylor Ave. also in the Falls. Both Parks are easily accessible from Rt.8 north. For more information on practices, feel free to contact Kaimelar Morikayun, kaimelar@neo.rr.com or Lady DaVina Darkspear, alanthadies@aol.com

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