Nationally Certified Marshals

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Nationally Certified Marshals

In 2012 Belegarth President Sir Par created a Marshals Exam. It must be taken in person, and requires at least an 80% to pass. If you fail you must wait a minimum of one month before attempting to take it again. The Test includes 100 questions about the Book of War, a scenario question that applies marhsaling knowledge, a weapons check section that covers complete checking of all types of weapons, and a pass/fail section based on if you are loud enough to be heard on the field. In order to take the exam you must have at least ten hours total experience marshalling and/or checking weapons at events. Many people have taken it, and those who have passed are listed below. Also below you will find a list of proctors who can administer the exam to you!

Nationally Certified Marshalls

National Marshals Exam Proctors

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