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Mauskalath - What is it?

The Mauskalath is earth metals and earth early in its development. Sitting beneath extremely dense and elaborate arcane root systems that perpetuate the collection of energy and various metals. Over long periods of time they begin to emerge due to ebb and flow of spirit. Normally these events are found to be violent events. They are drawn to mountain peaks and begin to connect with natural electrical current. This purifies their metal composition. There they stay, at a peak drawing current, until a interesting event occurs with an organic creature that will release them into the next stage of existence.

1st person - Mauskalath

The green creature known as Krieger came to my peak on a series of moons, tattered, vicious and cold. His spirit was vile and corrupt. He came to rest on an outcropping of stone that called to him. I did not move for fear he might fall (for it was rare to see a living creature this nearby). He muttered to himself things I had never heard before in a language that I had not heard since......that was too long ago to remember. His soul had blood and anger upon it. Piercing water began to fall and he wandered near me for refuge, though I did not know why. The lifelight touched me from the sky and from me to him. He exploded, then I knew who Krieger was and everything about him. I am Krieger.

3rd person observed

Having come down the mountain to investigate the rest of the world, the Green and Metal creature adopted Krieger's memory and physical remnants as his own. This is a freakishly tall metal twisted Night Goblin.

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