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Guardsman [[Ender]] (Leader of [[Heavy Infantry]])<br>
Guardsman [[Ender]] (Leader of [[Heavy Infantry]])<br>
Guardsman [[Eri]]<br>
Guardsman [[Eri]]<br>
Guardsman [[Farrin]]'s Wife aka Jess <br>
Guardsman Jess <br>
Guardsman [[Feena]] <br>
Guardsman [[Feena]] <br>
Guardsman [[Foxhound]] ([[Praetorians]])<br>
Guardsman [[Foxhound]] ([[Praetorians]])<br>

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House Dregoth Stags and Sword


[edit] Overview

House Dregoth is a National Unit, claiming full allegiance to no realm in particular. It is ruled with the mildly inebriated iron fist of Murdock the Mad whose goals are nothing less than complete World Domination. They have even started breeding pure bloods. Pure bloods are childern born to 2 full house members. Pure bloods are Guardsmen from birth. House Dregoth has around 100 members, combatants and non-combatants alike, and has several units within itself including Praetorians, Heavy Infantry, Celts, House Army and Odin's Chosen (Vikings) who all work together on the field to create an impressive and effective army. Off the field, House Dregoth is a bunch of guys and gals who enjoy a drink (or five) and a good story.

[edit] History

House Dregoth was founded in 2001.

[edit] Members

[edit] Officers

Name Rank Random Info
Sir Murdock Lord Dictator of House Dregoth
Kronos Captain Owner of Kult of Athena (Praetorians)
Sir Bowen Captain The one that started "If it's in House, it's ok" (Celts)
Sir Luthien Lieutenant Ask her about Leeroy Jenkins. (Celts)
Squire Lorcan Sergeant "The good officer Lorcan"
Fowler Sergeant (Praetorians)
Angus of Beornve Sergeant (Iowa) (Odin's Chosen)
Ser Karr Wynesson Sergeant (Odin's Chosen)
Sir Jaddeik Sergeant (Heavy Infantry)
Psylocke Corporal House Treasurer (Celts)
Orjees Feelgood Corporal He cooks and we love him for it!
Lofu Corporal Lord Murdock's common sense/secretary

[edit] Guardsmen

Guardsman Aerhok (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Agall
Guardsman Aiyanna
Guardsman Alcock (Praetorians)
Guardsman Alena
Guardsman Aldanius (Praetorians)
Guardsman Aldazhar
Guardsman Amra
Guardsman Aspen
Guardsman Atlas
Guardsman Azhure
Guardsman Batsy
Guardsman Beoren
Guardsman Sir Bismarck
Guardsman Blackheart (Heavy Infantry)
Guardsman Squire Bren Thunderborn (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Cataluna
Guardsman Celes (Praetorians)
Guardsman Chaya
Guardsman Chibi
Guardsman CLAUS
Guardsman Creampuff
Guardsman Cyborg
Guardsman Cyclops (Praetorians)
Guardsman Denidil
Guardsman Dezy
Guardsman Drak
Guardsman Dreevous
Guardsman Dubhlain
Guardsman Duke (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Eagan
Guardsman Emerald May
Guardsman Eon
Guardsman Ender (Leader of Heavy Infantry)
Guardsman Eri
Guardsman Jess
Guardsman Feena
Guardsman Foxhound (Praetorians)
Guardsman Frida (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Fynn (Praetorians)
Guardsman Gency
Guardsman Gera (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Ghost
Guardsman Girth
Guardsman Giver
Guardsman Glitz
Guardsman Gorem
Guardsman Gredek
Guardsman Grep of Charlwood (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Grey
Guardsman Hesian
Guardsman Indara
Guardsman Irie
Guardsman Jacks
Guardsman Jade
Guardsman Karl (Praetorians)
Guardsman Ketra
Guardsman Kaia aka Sugar Tits
Guardsman Kobra
Guardsman Kodiak (Praetorians)
Guardsman Kratos
Guardsman Leeloo
Guardsman Lessa
Guardsman Lidian
Guardsman Lili
Guardsman Locke
Guardsman Locket
Guardsman MacPherson (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Magnus of Taurendor
Guardsman Malachi (Praetorians)
Guardsman Mave (Praetorians)
Guardsman Mermadak der Tod
Guardsman Morg (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Muggins
Guardsman Mustachio (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Mor'Drhedd Boozebeard (Heavy Infantry)
Guardsman Mynnix (Praetorians)
Guardsman Niko Leader of the Pumpkin Patch
Guardsman Nona
Guardsman Nova T
Guardsman Orchid
Guardsman Pidgeon
Guardsman Pips
Guardsman Pitter (Heavy Infantry)
Guardsman Phoenix (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Squire Plissken (Formerly Neckbeard) (Heavy Infantry)
Guardsman Rabbit
Guardsman Rasp
Guardsman Realla
Guardsman Rebekah
Guardsman Rhagna (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Rodan
Guardsman Rua
Guardsman Saraphina
Guardsman Serena
Guardsman Serina Radin
Guardsman Shek (Odin's Chosen Thrall)
Guardsman Shika
Guardsman Snatch Maggot
Guardsman Snotcarol
Guardsman Solaris (Praetorians)
Guardsman Sparrow
Guardsman Stig
Guardsman Stormbringer
Guardsman S.A.M Swiss Army Mom
Guardsman Tassadar
Guardsman Tiaen
Guardsman Tiki the Shameless (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Tikiri
Guardsman Tyr
Guardsman Tyrael
Guardsman Tyorl Cidionson (Odin's Chosen)
Guardsman Uriel (Praetorians)
Guardsman Squire Valentine
Guardsman Vash
Guardsman Vixie
Guardsman Volrock
Guardsman Willow (Praetorians)
Guardsman Wolfy
Guardsman Wyatt
Guardsman Xaltric
Guardsman Yoshi Tatsu
Guardsman Zakota
Guardsman Sir Zeke
Guardsman Zerelius (Praetorians)
Sir Zolothan
Guardsman Droma House Friar

[edit] Retired

Captain Remus
Lieutenant Sir Calarn
Sergeant Sir Cidion
Sergeant Dahlia
Sergeant Destinova
Sergeant Meat
Sergeant Sir Devaryn
Guardsman Smoke
Guardsman Willem
Magnus of Northlands

[edit] Knights of House Dregoth

Sir Murdock
Sir Calarn
Sir Bowen
Sir Bismarck
Sir Jaddeik
Sir Luthien
Sir Cidion
Sir Zeke
Ser Karr

[edit] Petitioners

Xile Klevix
Rushka (Odin's Chosen Thrall)
Sir Iorek
Nemo (Odin's Chosen Thrall)

[edit] Fighting Units

[edit] Praetorian Guard

[edit] Odin's Chosen (Vikings)

[edit] Tuatha Dregoth

[edit] Heavy Infantry

[edit] House Army

[edit] House Dregoth Militia

this is an incomplete list

[edit] Landsmen

Brenna Haldana


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