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* [ A Hood Tutorial] by Lady Armstrong
* [ A Hood Tutorial] by Lady Armstrong
* [ Reusable Shoulder Bags] by Apprentice Antoinette
* [ Reusable Shoulder Bags] by Apprentice Antoinette
* [ Moccasin Making Tutorial] by Master Squire Antoinette
===='''Apprentice Mentorship Blanks'''====
===='''Apprentice Mentorship Blanks'''====

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[edit] What is The Guild Library?


The Guild Library is just that, a Library for guild members and the general Belegarth public to find information on many topics within Belegarth for their use. This page will contain many links to information both within and outside of Please feel free to contact Antoinette, Galya, or Shrike to have information added to this page.

[edit] The Library

[edit] Master Portfolios

[edit] Journeyman Portfolios

[edit] Garb

[edit] Sewing

[edit] Footwear

[edit] Apprentice Mentorship Blanks

[edit] Applique

[edit] Embroidery

[edit] Armor

[edit] Leather

[edit] Chainmaille

[edit] Weapon Building

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Shield

[edit] Plasti Dipping

[edit] Event Running

[edit] Troll

[edit] Weapons Check

[edit] Heralding

[edit] Feast

[edit] Realm Building Information

[edit] Realm Building Strategies

[edit] Recruitment

[edit] Promotional Materials

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