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Common Forest Troll
Forest Troll



Long before the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men, they had an enormous troll empire built by powerful warring clans. After centuries of raiding and war making, an alliance of elves and humans attacked luring the Trolls to battle the Elves ambushing them dealt a crushing blow to the Forest Trolls at the battle of the Great Oak. The Elf Man alliance defeated the great troll army at the battle of the Great Oak (the name remembered from the lore of men). The Troll empire did not recover from that defeat, and the trolls never rose as one nation again. Yet forest trolls survived, each generation nurturing their hatred of the elves in the dark forests of the north for thousands of years, licking there wounded pride in darkness waiting for a chance to be great again.Forest trolls are the oldest of all Troll races.The Ancient Forest Troll culture has remained unchanged by the passing of time.Like the native tribes of humans today Forest trolls use exotic face and body paint to make them fearless and they call upon there ancestors to give them strength in battle.It is Forest Troll tradition that when a warrior comes of age a wide thick black band is tattooed around their strong arm displaying there standing in Troll society and their readiness for war. Unlike their Mountain and Hat Troll cousins they weren't born from Marjack and have no fear or weakness to the sun. Forest Trolls only show themselves whenever they are called forth or their home is under siege. These savage creatures have been known to scalp their foes and eat the dead flesh of the slain to gain power and destroy their souls so thay can not pass into the afterlife.

Forest Trolls Today

Many Forest Trolls today tend to come from a woodland area. Preferably a taller, not skinny or fat, a medium weight. Not a hulking monster, but not a skinny Hat Troll. They tend to fight with sword and board and used as a medium to heavy flanker/line fighter. They tend to have an artistic ability with tribal art and use this on themselves to gain strength. The better the artwork, the more blessing the Ancients will bestow upon them.

Relation to other Trolls

They were not born from Marjack and don't tend to associate with the other Trolls. They were born from the roots from the Great Oak, deep inside the earth. They aren't really known by the majority of other Troll races, thus many don't have an opinion of like or dislike.

Hatred of Elves

Forest Trolls have an extreme distaste for Elves of all kinds. This is due the fact that they killed many during the battle of the Great Oak.

Known Forest Trolls


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