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Long before the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men,the Forest trolls had built an enormous troll empire. After centuries of raiding and war makeing, an alliance of elves and humans attacked dealt a crushing blow to the Forest Trolls when they defeated the great troll army at the battle of Great oaks(the name remembered in the lore of men). The Troll empire did not recover from the defeat, and the trolls never rose as one nation again. Yet forest trolls survived, each generation nurturing their hatred of the elves in the dark forests of the north for thousands of years, licking there wounded pride in darkness and waiting for a chance to be great again.Forest trolls are the oldest of all Troll races there ancient culture unchanged by the passing of time.Like the native tribes of humans today Forest trolls use exotic face and body paint to make them fearless in battle and call upon there ancestors to give them strength in battle.

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